About Grow Action

What is Grow Action?

Grow Action is a support network for refugees that aims to integrate them in their income country, to awake their human potential. We believe that acknowledging their rights and human potential, and giving opportunities is how families can actually get an effective and long lasting develpment.

How do we do it?

We do this through an inclusion program, where migrants will get emotional support, and legal support and a program of entrepreneurship, where migrants will get workshops, and the possibility to apply for a seed capital.

About Grow Action


Our Team


We are an interdisciplinary group of students and professionals from Universidad de la Frontera. We believe that the full integration of refugees in their host country is possible, and it’s an opportunity to value diversity.

Karla Araya


PhD (c) in Natural Resources Sciences

Felipe Espinoza


Construction Engineering

Constanza Garcés


Natural Resources Engineering

Daniela Hoyos


Familiar Development

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Soon we will be expanding our work to Latin America and the world.

Head office: Temuco, Chile.

Universidad de La Frontera.